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Meet the Team

We are a small team dedicated to providing you with a memorable cooking experience in Israel and online. We offer home-based cooking classes for individuals and groups for who would like to learn the cuisine of the region during their travels, have a fun night out with friends or colleagues, or simply sharpen their cooking skills. 

We are happy to accommodate special requests and dietary restrictions. We provide the ingredients, tools, and know-how to help you make delicious food and indelible memories. 

Our classes will introduce you to the wide array of spices and flavors that are used in these beloved cuisines. 

Aliya Fastman

Favorite Food: Thai food

Favorite Kitchen Tool: Mortar & pestle

After getting tired of her parents' peanut butter & jelly in elementary school , Aliya began experimenting in the kitchen. Since then her passion for cooking creative and delicious food has flourished. Aliya has broadened her kitchen skill horizons through cooking lessons in multiple countries including Italy, India, Japan, Thailand, and Morocco. She enjoys experimenting, combining the recipes, exotic flavors, and culturally unique techniques she has encountered throughout her travels. Yet, despite her world travels, Aliya has a particular passion for Israeli fusion and often works with flavors brought here from the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and Eastern Europe.

Shaendl Davis

Favorite Food: Mexican food

Favorite Kitchen Tool: Kitchen Aid

Shaendl's passion for food started at an early age, inspired by the rich culinary offerings of the San Francisco Bay Area where she grew up. She attended The Jerusalem Culinary Institute in 2012 and has since worked in restaurants and pastry kitchens in both America and Israel.


When not teaching, she can often be found baking delicious desserts and gardening.

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