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Authentic Israeli Cooking:
Online Cooking Course

Join Citrus and Salt in discovering authentic Israeli recipes you can make again and again in the comfort of your own kitchen. Chefs Aliya and Shaendl will guide you through the techniques, spices, and recipes that make this such a vibrant cuisine. 

Connect with Israel through food, one recipe at a time

Now more than ever, it's important to find ways to connect to our community. At Citrus and Salt, we believe that there's no better way to do that than by cooking classic Israeli recipes. 

What can you expect from this course?

✓ Make delicious food that will impress friends and family (and yourself!)

✓ Learn what ingredients to look for and add to your shopping list for a Medditteranean pantry

✓ Gain kitchen skills that can be used in your daily cooking

✓ Be a part of a welcoming foodie community 

✓ Receive support in between classes from fellow students and our teachers, Aliya and Shaendl

The course includes:

  • 10 HD on-demand videos in English with detailed explanations for success

  • Downloadable PDFs with recipes, instructions, purchasing tips, and substitution suggestions 

  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group to ask questions and discuss recipes




What if I’m a beginner?

No problem! Our course is designed for all levels. The videos go step-by-step to help beginner cooks follow along at their own pace.

Is this course right for more advanced cooks?

This course opens up the secrets of the Israeli kitchen by introducing new spices and techniques that can help even the most experienced chefs bring new flavors into their own kitchens. 


What recipes can I expect?

The included recipes are handmade pita, crispy falafel, Israeli hummus, shakshuka, our famous schnitzel, orange honey baklava, rugelach, and more!

What if I’ve already done a C&S class?

This class is a great addition to our Israeli Classics class as it will refresh your memory with some of the popular dishes we teach, like hummus and falafel, and introduce new complementary recipes, like schnitzel and baklava, to provide you with a wider repertoire of dishes to cook. 

I'm vegetarian, will this course be suitable for me?

Absolutely! 9 out of the 10 recipes in this course are vegetarian. The schnitzel recipe is the only meat dish but will be accompanied by a PDF with ideas for substitution using the same techniques.

Are the ingredients available outside of Israel?

Yes! You will be able to get the majority of the ingredients at your local well-stocked grocery store. For more speciality items we suggest a Middle Eastern grocery store or even Amazon. We will also include sourcing suggestions in the recipes. 

Have questions?
We're here to answer them!

Want to know more about the course? Email or WhatsApp us!


Course pre-sale

The course will be released July 15th!

Get your copy at the pre-sale 'founder's' price of $54 ($118 regular price)*

* payment platform will charge the equivalent in shekels. 

  • Get authentic recipes straight from the heart of Tel Aviv
  • Learn the techniques and spices pairings that make this cuisine so popular
  • Gain the confidence and knowledge to use these skills in your everyday cooking
  • Get first access to meal pairings, ingredients sourcing, and new recipes in the Facebook group 
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