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5 Reasons why you should take an Israeli Cooking Class as a tourist

Welcome to Israel!

I love to take cooking classes when I travel, and I often learn from local chefs here in Israel as well. It's one of the many reasons I decided to start teaching the local cuisine to visitors.

To help in your decision in whether to take a class while in Israel I have listed here my top reasons it can be a great experience while visiting!

  1. Workshops are a great way to learn about the history and culture of Israel. So much of Jewish tradition is rooted in the food which is showcased in this small country's cuisine!

  2. Take home new skills: Learning how to cook Israeli cuisine can be a valuable skill to take home with you ( and a very light gift to pack). Whether you're a beginner or an experienced cook, there's always something new to learn.

  3. Meet locals: Cooking classes can be a great way to meet locals and learn about the culture. Classes are led by experienced chefs and home cooks who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and stories.

  4. Learn about Israeli cuisine: Israeli cuisine is a unique blend of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and North African flavors. Taking a cooking class can give you a deeper understanding of the local ingredients, cooking techniques, and culinary traditions.

  5. Try new foods: Israel is home to a diverse range of foods, many of which you may not have tried before. Taking a cooking class can expose you to new ingredients and flavors, and help you learn how to prepare them.


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