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Connect with Israel from abroad

Join a virtual class or purchase a gift certificate for your next visit!

Want to learn Israeli cooking?

Join with your family, synagogue, or volunteer community for a virtual or in-person class. 



Virtual Cooking Classes

Join us in Israel for a live, virtual cooking class from a local chef. 

While you may not be able to travel to Israel right now, you can still connect with the food and culture through a workshop of your favorite Israeli dishes like hummus, falafel, and shakshuka. 

Virtual classes will span 2 hours. Students will receive streaming information, an ingredient list before the class and a recording of the video afterward. 

Private Class Price: $300 (up to 10 screens, please inquire for extra screens)

Group Class: Subject to availability ( be in touch for our schedule!)


Purchase a gift

Get yourself or a friend a gift certificate for a Citrus and Salt workshop. They can be used for an in-person or virtual cooking class, market tour, or menu consultation. 

Gift certificates are available for any amount.

For reference, group in-person classes start at $90 USD and virtual ones at $36.


Private in-person sessions start at $375 for two people and $300 for a 10 screen virtual workshop. 

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Contact Us |  Tel: 053 334 6861

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