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Virtual Cooking Lessons 

discover your inner chef

 Staying Home?

Your taste buds don't need to.

Join us to take them on vacation.


Personalized cooking lessons focusing on Israeli-fusion with international favorites.


Favorite Food: Thai food

Favorite Kitchen Tool: Mortar & pestle

I'm a self-taught chef. My love for cooking started as soon as I could hold a knife at which point my parents graciously let me take over the kitchen. Now I get to live my passion, teaching people from around the world how to cook and feel confident in the kitchen.

I enjoy flavors from across the world and always look to broaden my skills by traveling and learning to cook from locals. I am lucky to cook and teach Moroccan, Thai, Italian, Japanese, and Indian food.

However, I have a particular passion for Israeli and Middle Eastern flavors.


During my virtual classes I share my family's recipes for these local cuisines. I hope the food we make can become part of your family tradition as well.


Israeli Cooking Classes

Meet Aliya

Get a look into Tel Aviv life with this personalized cooking lesson. Hosted by  Aliya in her home, guests will be transported across the world through---without the jet lag!

Israeli food is all about passion and we will channel that into the flavors we produce in the kitchen, making things that both taste delicious and can be made again and again in your own home.


Virtual classes will span 2 hours. Students will receive streaming information and an ingredient list prior to the class.

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