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Israeli Cuisine Workshops

Sample Menus

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Classic Israeli

Our most popular class! Get to know the unique dishes that make up the foundation of this wonderful cuisine.

Sample menu

  • Handmade pita

  • Hummus

  • Tehina on smoked eggplant

  • Shakshouka

  • Falafel


Israeli Mezze

Explore a veggie forward Israeli mezze menu that touches upon flavors brought to Israel from Turkey, the Levant region, and more!

Sample menu

  • Stuffed grape leaves

  • Tunisian Chrieme 

  • Chopped salad with pomegranate molasses

  • Roasted cauliflower on labane

  • Mejadera


Moroccan Feast

Discover the cuisine of the Jews from Morocco and North Africa with this delicious menu. Packed with authentic flavors and cooking techniques, you will leave this class with full bellies and knowledge to impress your friends!

Sample menu

  • Moroccan tagine

  • Handrolled couscous

  • Pastila chicken pie

  • Matboucha

  • Preserved lemon chickpea salad


Middle Eastern Fusion

Israel is home to immigrants from all over the world who brought their rich culinary traditions with them. Discover the cuisine of the Jewish diaspora from Iraq, Yemen and more. 

Sample menu

  • Kube meat dumplings in a Hamousta soup broth

  • Yementine shug

  • Fried cauliflower


Carmel Market Menu

Discover the favorite sandwhich of the Carmel Market street vendors along with all the toppings and sauces. You'll also get a chance to make fresh baked challah!

Sample menu

  • Chicken Shnitzel 

  • Sabich (egg, eggplant, potato, tehina) 

  • Harissa Sauce

  • Handmade pita

  • Israeli Salad


Israeli Baking Class

Explore the world of pastry through a  combination and iconic Middle Eastern and Eastern European recipes.

Sample menu

  • Cinnamon Rugelach

  • Walnut Honey Baklava

  • Challah

  • Feta Borekas

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