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We offer culinary tours of the Carmel market, Levinsky market, and the Central Bus Station area. Each is wonderful and unique in its own way. Below are descriptions of each experience to help you decide which to join!

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Carmel Market


The Carmel Shuk is Tel Aviv's oldest and most famous market. Founded in 1920, its history is intertwined with the city itself. The market hosts a wide range of produce stalls selling seasonal fruits and vegetables as well as bakeries, restaurants, cheese stores, and butchers. Both locals and tourists frequent this market as it's a great place to purchase groceries as well as experience the local culture through its food. 

Levinsky Market


The Levinsky market was founded by immigrants from Thessaloniki, Greece in the 1920s. The street also boasts a history of Persian and Turkish immigration, creating a dynamic and multicultural area for visitors to explore. The stores are primarily focused on specialty items like spices, nuts, dried foods, and other delicacies. The area also has a range of cafes, bars, family-owned restaurants, and small businesses.

Central Bus Station + Neve Shaanan


We offer culinary tours of the Central Bus Station and surrounding neighborhood eateries. This tour is perfect if you're a tourist looking to get off the beaten track or a local wanting to try some international food!. The tour includes exploring the area through tastings of Chinese, Nepalese, Filipino, and Indian food. It also includes opportunities for guests to understand more about how to incorporate these flavors into their cooking and recommendations on what ingredients can only be found here.

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