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Five Off-the-Beaten-Path Activities in Israel During the Summer

Israel offers a wide range of famous activities and attractions to enjoy during the summer months. However, If this isn’t your first time in the Holy Land, you may not be looking to visit the usual touristic spots. Here are some lesser-known activities and destinations to consider for some summer fun.

1. Discover the Ancient City of Akko (Acre).

While Akko is not entirely off the beaten path, it is

often overshadowed by other popular destinations. This UNESCO World Heritage Site offers a fascinating blend of history and culture. Explore the well-preserved Crusader tunnels, take a 10nis boat ride on the sea, or visit the fabulous Uri Buri for dinner inside the Efendi Hotel.

2. Check out a rural coffee cart.

While there are many cafes in Israel, coffee carts have sprung up in popularity in the last few years. Often located in pastoral locations like city parks, plant nurseries or orchards, they is a great way to have have a coffee just like a

local while getting to relax away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Here is a list in English on coffee carts to check out.

3. Try Surfing or Paddle boarding in Jaffa. Our favorite thing to do recently, there are loads of beginners classes that will take you out to the beautiful sea and give you a

different perspective of the city. We recommend Sunshine SUP run by a lovely South African woman in English. You meet at her studio in the alleys of old Jaffa to grab a board before heading to the water. Classes are about 1 hour.

4. Go cherry picking in the Golan.

I love to take my kids every year to the North of Israel to pick this delicious fruit. The 27 nis entry fee lets you eat an unlimited amount of cherries while

in the orchard. You can also pay by the kilo to take cherries home. We have been to the Horse and Cherry farm and enjoyed it a lot, but there are a bunch of places to choose from if you google a bit. No need to make a reservation in advance but note that Saturdays will be especially busy. We recommend to get some Druze food during your visit north as well!

5. Take an Israeli cooking class in Tel Aviv with Citrus and Salt cooking.

Learn to make traditional food like handmade pita, falafel, hummus or Shakshuka or try your hand at more complex Middle Eastern Dishes. All classes are in English and in small groups. Tours of the Levinksy, Carmel and Central Bus Station markets are also available.

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